10 best places to visit in Hanoi Old Quarter

Last updated - January 26, 2024
10 best places to visit in Hanoi Old Quarter


With a history of thousands of years, Hanoi old quarter is a destination imbued with Vietnamese culture and history. Maybe you still haven't discovered the multi-dimensional beauty of the capital, so let Ama Journey tell you what to do in Hanoi. Follow us for more information and Vietnam Travel tips!


1. Visit Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple and The Huc Bridge.

The Huc bridge connects to Ngoc Son temple

One of the most must-see tourist spots must-see in Hanoi is Hoan Kiem Lake. This lake is not only a tourist destination but also a historical place that reflects exactly Vietnam’s historical dynasty.
Besides that, you also have an opportunity to sightsee The Huc bridge which is located near Ngoc Son temple. According to Vietnamese’s conception, if you have a chance to walk on this bridge, you will be very lucky. And, you just have to pay about 30.000 dongs to experience it.

Location: In the heart of Hanoi city at Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hanoi.

2. Check in St.Joseph Cathedral

The ancient beauty of Hanoi St.Joseph Cathedral

Saint Joseph Cathedral was considered one of the most attractive places that you must see in the Hanoi Old Quarter. It impresses tourists with its French architecture and silent appearance. The cathedral conducts praying several times during the day, especially on the weekend, so you can come here to enjoy the quiet atmosphere, pray for peace, and listen to hymns.

Location: No 40 - Nha Chung Street, Hanoi.

3. Visit Thang Long Water Puppet Theater

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi

Visiting Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is considered one of the most interesting things to do in Hanoi.
You can see many attractive puppet shows performed in the water pool. Actually, this theater has been renowned and has become a cultural highlight of Vietnam.  The price for each ticket varies from 100.000 dongs to 200.000 dongs depending on the seat position. The theater offers 5 shows per day, therefore, tourists can have a chance to watch anytime in order to have a better understanding of Vietnamese culture.

Location: 57B - Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hanoi ( Opposite to The Huc bridge on Hoan Kiem Lake)

4. Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hanoi

Outside the Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hanoi

Located at 22 Hang Buom Street in Hanoi, the Art and Culture Center, also known as the Cantonese Assembly Hall, has captivated the attention of numerous tourists. This remarkable establishment boasts a distinctive architectural fusion influenced by Western, Vietnamese, and Chinese cultures.

Inside the Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hanoi

The origins of the Cantonese Assembly Hall date back approximately 400 years when it was established by the Cantonese community from China. Historically, it served as both a center for religious activities and a bustling hub for trade activities within the Chinese community in ancient Hanoi.

Location: No 22 - Hang Buom Street, Hanoi

5. Night Market and Walking street

Do not forget to participate in the walking street every weekend. It is a cultural exchange environment between the local and foreign travelers. A lot of teenagers come here to share their passion for singing or dancing, even just to make friends with others. The performances on the street are incredible.
The night market is a part of the walking street where you can stroll, go shopping or taste some special street food that you just can find in Hanoi. That is the reason why the walking street is always crowded and bustling.

Location: In the heart of old quarter: Hang Ngang street - Hang Dao street, Hang Duong street, Dong Xuan street, Ta Hien Street, Hanoi

6. Spend a night in Ta Hien

Ta Hien beer street” is also known as “Pho Tay” because lots of foreigners and tourists visit here annually. Grabbing some beer and exploring Hanoi's nightlife are unforgettable memories for everyone. Nowhere to drink “cool beer” better than Ta Hien street.
It is also a paradise to discover Vietnamese cuisine, especially street food. You are able to taste the most delicious dishes here at a reasonable price.

Location: Along Ta Hien Street, Hanoi

7. Visit Bach Ma Temple

Bach Ma temple is at Hang Buom Street

Bach Ma Temple is located In the center of the Old Quarter and it is said to be the oldest temple in the city. Its traditional and unique architecture is the plus point that draws lots of tourists' attention. Visiting this temple, travelers have the opportunity to learn more about the worship culture of Vietnamese people.
Because degradation is inevitable, therefore, you can not see an original version of Bach Ma temple, but you still can feel the traditional atmosphere here because people always try to preserve and respect the national culture.

Location: No 76 - Hang Buom Street, Hanoi

8. The Hanoi Ancient House at 87 Ma May street

The Hanoi ancient house in Ma May street

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi's historic Hoan Kiem District, stands proudly among the cherished 14 ancient houses that have gracefully endured since the late 19th century. This remarkable dwelling preserves its authentic, time-honored characteristics, making it a beloved destination for those eager to delve into the bygone era of Hanoians and their daily lives.

Location: No 87 Ma May Street, Hanoi

9. Long Bien bridge - a historical spot of Hanoi.

The historical Long Bien bridge

Long Bien Bridge connects two large districts, named Hoan Kiem and Long Bien of Hanoi. It has now become a landmark for Hanoians, you might enjoy stunning views across the Red River and feel the daily life of people here. With Hanoians, it may be the most special bridge with unique historic, architectural and cultural value. Nowadays, Long Bien bridge also becomes a “check-in” spot for teenagers and tourists when they come to Hanoi.
 If you are not able to visit this bridge, it means that your trip to Vietnam is not complete.

Location: Tran Nhat Duat Street - Hang Khoai Street ( Near Long Bien Market - Long Bien railway station)

10. A day in Dong Xuan Market

The vibrant Dong Xuan Market in the Hanoi Old Quarter

Dong Xuan Market is the busiest traditional market in Vietnam. It is not only a big shopping center in Hanoi but also a cultural symbol of an old town attached to the history of the capital. Coming here, you are able to experience typical Vietnamese culture and routine. You can find whatever you want here, from foodstuff to traditional arts such as Dong Ho drawings, Bat Trang ceramics, Binh Da embroideries, ...

Besides that, you can be extremely impressed by a wide selection of Vietnamese must-try street food such as che, noodles with grilled bamboo-stuck meat, or salad.

Location: Dong Xuan street - Hang Khoai Street, Hanoi

There are many places to visit  in Hanoi Old Quarter which is one of the top-visited places on the Vietnam Travel list. With the What to do in Hanoi mentioned above, your one on the Ama Journey list, especially the Hanoi trip will become more perfect. If you have any interesting experiences while traveling to Hanoi, please share them with Ama Journey. Enjoy!

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