10 camping locations in Da Nang for an enjoyable summer

Last updated - November 27, 2023
10 camping locations in Da Nang for an enjoyable summer

Da Nang is known as the most liveable city in Vietnam with a clean atmosphere, green environment, and beautiful beaches bestowed by nature. In Da Nang, you can find many captivating attractions and places of interest, and one of the activities not to be missed is camping. Surely, camping in Da Nang will become an unforgettable experience for your whole summer.

This article will accompany you to discover ideal camping locations, helping you immerse yourself in the vast and beautiful nature in Da Nang.


Gieng Troi - a camping site near Da Nang

Gieng Troi is the name of a primeval forest located in the West of Da Nang city. This is the first Da Nang camping site we want to introduce to you, located in the mountainous area of Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District. People who have gone before assess that the road to Gieng Troi is quite difficult and dangerous. But if you have the opportunity to camp here, you will enjoy the vast space, wild mountains and forests, fish, cool streams, and fresh air.

Gieng Troi - A camping site in Da Nang

To reach Gieng Troi, the whole group will have to go through a low and gentle hill about 10km long. Starting from the slope near the parking lot of the Ba Na eco-tourism area, the road is slightly uneven and rough. Among them, there are 3km that are very difficult to go, requiring a steady steering wheel to keep the whole group safe. Coming out of the trail, you will be led into a cool blue lake that is always full, located halfway up the mountain.

The highlight of Gieng Troi is the white foam waterfall about 25m high, majestically clear all year round. You will have the opportunity to cool off, take photos, and have a picnic to keep unforgettable memories. Here, there is no street dust, bustling traffic, no shops, no services, Gieng Troi has only nature and people blending into one, dispelling the stress and fatigue after busy working hours.

Mui Nghe - pristine Da Nang camping site

Mui (Cape) Nghe is a camping location in Da Nang specifically for backpackers. As the first place in the city to receive the sunrise, Nghe Cape is always sparkling and gentle in its own way. The scenery of Nghe Cape is highly appreciated and cannot be compared anywhere else. The colours of sunlight and water blend together to create a colourful but no less poetic photo frame.

Camping site Mui Nghe in Da Nang

Sometimes Nghe Cape becomes fiercer with the strong waves of boats penetrating the vortex, an adventurous beauty that urges many backpackers to conquer this windy and turbulent place. If you visit Nghe Cape early in the morning, you will be immersed in the not-harsh morning sun. The moment you raise your hands to catch the sun, close your eyes to enjoy the atmosphere, listen to the whispering ocean waves, and breathe in the fresh air, all will help you have a new day full of energy.

The seawater at Nghe Cape is extremely clear. While swimming, catching fish and shrimp is not too surprising. Perhaps it is also because Nghe Cape is an abundant shrimp and fish area all year round. If you are not yet a proficient swimmer, bring a life jacket and buoy to ensure safety because this place is still quite wild and there is no rescue team. In the afternoon, you will see a group of boats going out to the sea, immersing themselves in the ocean to hunt for fish.

Hai Van Pass - a beautiful pass of Da Nang

On any trip to Da Nang, whether on a tour or on your own, no one can miss Hai Van Pass. This can be considered a must-visit place every time you set foot in the beautiful city of Da Nang. Have you ever wondered why it is just a pass that attracts so many tourists? What is so special about Hai Van Pass that makes it so famous? Please continue reading the article for further information.

Camping in Hai Van pass offering a stuning view

Hai Van Pass is well known to domestic and foreign tourists thanks to its majestic, vast and immense natural landscape. Up to 21km long, Hai Van Pass is one of the most winding and dangerous passes in Vietnam with many death-wrenching turns that make riders' hearts skip a beat.

This is also the reason why young people who love to participate in adventure activities always like to set foot on Hai Van Pass, exploring the high slopes and small "difficult" turns. Although the terrain is not very favourable, this is also an ideal Da Nang camping location where many groups of friends and families can experience and challenge themselves together.

From Hai Van stop, and continue along the quite steep concrete road. Depending on the vehicle you choose, ride your motorbike up or park your motorbike at the souvenir shop and then walk up. Travel about 2km and look  if you can see a blockhouse, surrounded by a large field of land. From here, you can see the entire Da Nang Beach, the letter M of Hai Van Pass, and Lang Co Bay. This is the most reasonable Hai Van Pass camping location, giving you moments of fun together amidst the vast mountain and forest landscape.

Van Village

In fact, Van Village is another place located inside Hai Van Pass, in the Nam Chon Bay area. However, the most distinctive and outstanding point of Van Village is its direction towards the sea. The path is also quite simple and does not require high skills from you. From the top of the pass, you go towards Da Nang. If you see a higher land area like a hat, that is Van Village.

The beach of Van village - An deal for camping site in Da Nang

Many years ago, Van Village was a beautiful small village isolated from the outside and was home to leprosy patients in the 1980s. Through many upheavals, Van Village always maintains a gentle and peaceful appearance beside the ocean waves. Life has remained peaceful and quiet for many generations. This place is also chosen by tourists as a camping place thanks to its pure and pristine natural scenery.

If you want to set foot in Van Village, your choice is to travel by boat from the wharf or walk along the road in the middle of Hai Van Pass, passing the railway for a distance of 3km. On days when the water rises and boats cannot operate, that road is the only way to get to the village. This is what keeps Van Village today intact, pristine, peaceful, and an interesting camping spot for young people. Although travelling is a little difficult, you will not be disappointed when you come to this area.

Nam O Reef

Located 17km from the city centre, one of the beautiful Da Nang camping sites - Nam O Reef is located in Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District. Because it is a relatively new tourist destination, visitors coming here will experience many new things which are suitable for both quiet and adventurous people. This reef is 2 hectares wide, located in the middle of Da Nang Bay with a clear blue sea, divided into Con Reef and Ca Reef.

Camping in Nam O reef

Coming to Nam O Reef, you will witness with your own eyes the image of fishermen catching sea creatures because this place possesses extremely diverse and rich seafood resources. There's nothing more unforgettable than the feeling of watching the ocean, chatting, and fishing in the vast ocean and sky. The most suitable time for swimming is early morning since the water is not yet big and is clear blue, and the wind blows gently. However, the reef has a lot of rocks and moss, so be careful.

Nam O Reef is also a great photogenic spot for many young people, a place that brings “million-like” photos with beautiful views. There will be enough poetic nature, long rocky beaches, blue sea and white sand for you to capture happy moments with relatives and friends. The unforgettable impression when you come to Nam O is the wildness, the magical space, and the unique exciting experience. At this time, you can shake off your sadness and fatigue and have fun.

Hoa Trung Lake camping in nature

Hoa Trung Lake, also known as Hoa Trung Dam, is the next Da Nang camping location we want to introduce to you. Located in Hoa Lien Commune, Hoa Vang District, Hoa Trung Lake is about 20km West of Da Nang city centre. The most ideal time to visit the lake is in October. From the city, follow Au Co Street, through Hoa Khanh market,  follow the path towards Ba Na, and then look for the location of Hoa Ninh Parish.

Hoa Trung Lake - a great ideal camping site in Da Nang

When you arrive at the parish, pay attention to turn left, meet the concrete road and continue straight all the way. You will quickly discover a super small trail, only 30cm wide, leading to Hoa Trung Lake. This is where Da Nang people tell each other "the second largest artificial water reservoir" of the city. For those who specialize in exploring tourism, this lake is still a relatively new place, gradually receiving the attention of backpackers thanks to its breathtakingly beautiful scenery during the dry season.

Not only can you witness the pristine beauty of Hoa Trung Lake, but this place is also a suitable place for young people to picnic, camp and play together. Many photography enthusiasts also choose the lake to rest, compose, and immerse their souls in nature. If you want to float lazily on the lake, you can row a dugout boat - the boat of raft fish farmers, but don't forget to ask for permission before using.

Son Tra Peninsula - a picnic spot that should not be missed

The following Da Nang camping location is Son Tra peninsula. This is where many young people choose to set up camps and experience life in nature. Walking along the side of Linh Ung Pagoda, you will immediately discover grass and rocky shores to pitch your tent. This beautiful location is extremely suitable for watching the sunrise in the early morning and listening to the waves crashing on the shore every night.

Son Tra camping site in Da Nang

As for the way to the seaport, when you get close to the top, you will see an empty lot that was previously used as an airport, but now is used for lighting campfires and watching Da Nang sparkling at night. If you organize a backpacking trip, you should explore the Son Tra peninsula in the following order: Climb to the top of Ban Co,  go to Vong Canh House to see the charming Son Tra mountain, look out to the immense Hai Van pass, admire the scenery of Hon Chao in the distance, and then stop by the old helipad.

Or you can choose to go to the banyan tree of a thousand years old, admire the Lighthouse and then return to Linh Ung Pagoda - a place not to be missed when you have the opportunity to come to Son Tra.

Da Nang Green Lake - a camping spot in Da Nang for couples

Da Nang Green Lake, also known as Bai But Lake, is a camping spot in Da Nang that you should visit when arriving in this beautiful city. Green Lake is located right on the road to Son Tra, ideal for picnicking and weekend camping activities. From the city centre, visitors can travel about 10km by motorbike to the Northeast.

The reason it is called Green Lake is because the lake water is clear and blue all year round. Looking down from above, you can see colourful coral reefs sparkling at the bottom. Formed from a natural flow, over time, Green Lake has grown wider with its beauty like a fairyland. The lake is surrounded by large and small rocks and luxuriant green trees, helping you take beautiful photos.

A romatic Green Lake camping site in Dan Nang

The most ideal time to camp at Green Lake is from August to September. This is the coolest and most pleasant weather of the year, and the lake water is immensely blue. Not only that, in this season, Da Nang Green Lake is adorned with the delicate beauty of lesser spear grass. In autumn, reeds and lesser spear grass grow along the lakeside, creating a scene like floating clouds.

Ghenh Bang - a new camping location

Located right in the Son Tra Peninsula, Ghenh Bang has emerged as a relatively new Da Nang camping site that attracts young people who are passionate about exploring. About 20km from the city centre, Ghenh Bang is actually not a wild place. After driving all the way to the end of the asphalt road, parking your motorbike and walking another 1km, you can see there are leafy shacks of women selling drinks, fishing rods, bait, diving goggles, etc.

Genh Bang - A new camping site in Da Nang

But the number is not much because currently Ghenh Bang has few visitors, and the locals do not invest much. If you are a professional backpacker who is passionate about motorbikes, it is hard to miss Ghenh Bang, especially when you still stay in Da Nang. No need to go too far, and this place will  give you a place to relax and enjoy the freshness of the countryside.

Ghenh Bang has always been so peaceful, and the coastline is about 2km long surrounded by large and small rocks of diverse shapes. Embracing the rocky beach are luxuriant green trees throughout 12 months of the year. What would be better than walking here after many hours of driving, breathing in the salty air without any urban smog?

Furthermore, scuba diving in Ghenh Bang is even more interesting because there is not much modern diving support equipment like many other service companies. Visitors will have the opportunity to dive like a local with fishermen's homemade swimming goggles, but good swimming skill is an important factor in helping you avoid the worst cases. Diving in Ghenh Bang will not cost too much, but the experience gained is extremely valuable. It's not often that you get to admire a brilliant aquarium under the sea, mingling with nature in peace and solitude.

Tien Sa Port - a popular camping spot in Da Nang

Although it has welcomed countless local tourists, Tien Sa Port still maintains its own poetic and beautiful appearance. Tien Sa Port has a certain charm that makes residents captivated and visitors do not want to leave. Tourists looking for a camping spot in Da Nang will not be able to resist setting foot right at the port. Especially when you stop at Son Tra, Tien Sa is also a tourist destination worth visiting.

Camping site Tien Sa port in Da Nang,

Tien Sa Port not only has beautiful beaches and clear blue waters but also stretches of golden sand - a familiar camping place for many families and groups of friends. You don't need to bring equipment from the city, instead, you can rent a tent at a nearby restaurant, cook your own food and enjoy a hot meal. However, one thing to note is that the entrance fee to Tien Sa Port is 25,000 VND per person.

This place is also a rich and diverse nature conservation site. Tien Sa Port is famous for its unique vegetation and many precious wild animals that need to be preserved, for example monkeys, gibbons, deer, red-faced chickens, orangutans, douc langurs, etc. Tien Sa Port is known as a strip of land filled with sunshine and wind, bringing a sense of peace to every visitor. All create an incredibly vivid landscape picture.

These 10 camping locations in Da Nang will help you have more suggestions for your trip to "disappear from the hustle and bustle world", and take a short break from your busy life. You can have fun with a group of friends and family, get close to nature, dispel fatigue and relieve stress.

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