Beautiful flower seasons in Ha Giang

Last updated - January 26, 2024
Beautiful flower seasons in Ha Giang

When mentioning Ha Giang Province of Vietnam, almost every tourist remembers attractive and famous places such as Dong Van, Quan Ba twinmountains, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lung Cu flagpole, Swallow Cave, etc. These places always make the Ha Giang tour more interesting. However, do you know what makes your trip to Ha Giang more attractive?

The answer is the most brilliant season of buckwheat flowers, red silk-cotton flowers, etc. in Ha Giang that you should not miss. The famous location combined with the brilliant flower season will make your journey to conquer the land of Ha Giang even more memorable. If you are still wondering which flower seasons have the most charming scenery in Ha Giang, then let's follow Ama Journey to explore below in this article!


1. Ha Giang in January: peach blossoms, plum blossoms and rapeseed flowers

When you go on a tour to Ha Giang in spring in January, you will be able to admire Ha Giang in the pure white plum colours, pink peach colours and yellow rapeseed flowers.

All the colours of spring seem to cover the entire sky in Ha Giang. Ha Giang's peach or plum blossoms are different from those of Moc Chau or other Northwest lands. The unique point is that plum and peach blossoms often grow alternately and quite regularly along the roads leading to Ha Giang villages. If you want to admire this, go along the road from Quan Ba to Yen Minh. Images of peach and plum blossoms will be filled with spring colours here.

Beautiul and peacelful Ha Giang in a plump flower season

The white plum flowers are like snowflakes shimmering under the bright yellow sunlight, along with fresh peach blossoms, blushing like a young woman's cheeks. These are two images that will make any tourist coming to Ha Giang feel touched. Ha Giang in January is gentle with a bit of plum and peach colour.

The images of rapeseed flowers blooming in a corner of the sky are also something you should not miss. After rapeseed is planted in the previous months, when you arrive in Ha Giang in January, the whole field of rapeseed flowers has grown.

In addition to seeing the colours of blooming flowers, you can also see the image of a mother carrying her child on her back to harvest mustard seeds.

The spring sky still has a bit of the chill left over from winter mixed with the image of yellow rapeseed flowers blooming all over the mountainside or valley, so it will definitely leave you with many unforgettable memories when you are walking around Quan Ba or Dong Van!

2. Ha Giang in March: Red silk-cotton flowers shine brightly in the sky

During the peach blossom season, brilliant plum blossoms are the main colours of the early spring months. Travelling to Ha Giang in March will be the season of red silk-cotton flowers throughout all the villages in this Northeast region.

The red-silk cotton flower in the side of stunning mountain in Ha Giang

Unlike plum blossoms, peaches have a gentle and shy beauty like a teenage girl, Ha Giang red silk-cotton flower season in March has a floating and brilliant beauty like small suns that want to tear apart the sky.

To be able to admire the beauty of the red silk-cotton flower season in March in Ha Giang, you can combine a sightseeing trip with famous places in Ha Giang such as Dong Van, Meo Vac, Quan Ba, and Yen Minh. Most of the roads passing through these locations have the silhouette of blooming red silk-cotton flowers.

You will easily see bunches of red silk-cotton flowers blooming brightly on the rooftops of local inhabitants. Or, when travelling on the roads through Dong Van or Yen Minh, you will see red silk-cotton flowers that still glow red throughout the "sky area". But, the beauty of this red silk-cotton flower does not stop there.

That beauty is still very brilliant even when the red silk-cotton flower petals have withered. That brilliance has caused the entire "heaven and earth" as vast as Ha Giang to transform to become more splendid than ever.

3. Ha Giang in April: Purple banyan flowers, red tiger’s claw flowers and white mu oil flowers make a beautiful painting

Continuing the brilliant red silk-cotton flower season in Ha Giang in March, that is a picture filled with the colours of purple banyan, red tiger’s claw and white mu oil in April. April is the transition time between spring and summer.

Therefore, the picture of Ha Giang also becomes more harmonious. That painting carries both the gentle colours of spring and the brilliance of summer. But, there is one thing in common with the flower seasons in Ha Giang: when they bloom, they are everywhere and compete for beauty.

 Red tiger’s claw flower or Hoa Vong Do in Vietnamese

Banyan flowers are considered the soul-flower of the Northwest mountains and forests and bloom in April in Ha Giang. The purple colour of the banyan flower represents fidelity and gentleness like the heart of a Ha Giang girl.

Mixed with that is the white colour of the mu oil flowers, pure and white like the layer of dew lingering on the mountainside. Sometimes, the mu oil flower petals fall, making Ha Giang more poetic and tender than ever.

All three flowers above represent a poetic and gentle painting that you can admire when coming to the Ha Giang flower season in April. More specifically, in that painting, there is a gentle touch with the bright red colour of the tiger’s claw flower carrying the air of March. These are the remnants of the red silk-cotton flower season like the blooming suns that you have seen in Ha Giang.

4. Ha Giang in October: The magical attraction is called buckwheat flower season

Based on our self-sufficient travel experience in Ha Giang, the best flower season that you should not miss is in October and November. That is the buckwheat flower season in Ha Giang, which is incredibly attractive to tourists. This flower season is probably the time most mentioned by many tourists.

Buckwheat is a small flower with a rather fragile shape. But when the buckwheat flowers combine into clusters, they have an attraction that spreads from this mountainside to other passes in Ha Giang. It is because of this spread to all regions of Ha Giang that it has made this Northeast mountainous region more full of vitality.

A beautiful buckwheat flower field in Ha Giang

To find buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang this season, you do not need to spend too much effort because this buckwheat flower is present everywhere and covers both sides of the road. Whether in vast valleys or trails, even the golden rice fields have turned to the white, pink, and purple colours of this brilliant buckwheat flower.

Although the buckwheat flower looks kind of weak, it is extremely strong. Even through the cold weather of winter, buckwheat flowers still spread throughout the mountains and forests of Ha Giang.

They bloom with all their might to beautify the entire space in Ha Giang and also bring many useful uses to the people. In the midst of the early cold weather in Ha Giang, you will be able to see a cool green space. Seeing this buckwheat flower in full bloom and breathing the cool air in Ha Giang will definitely help you feel the beauty of nature as well as a sense of freshness! Take a tour to explore Ha Giang with this most wonderful flower season!

5. Other tourist seasons in Ha Giang that you can come

Ha Giang does not only have flower seasons that can attract tourists. Ha Giang also has other great travel times, such as:

Festival season: in early spring, from January to March, there are so many festivals for you to participate in. This is also the time when there are plum blossoms, red banyan flowers, and peach blossoms, so you can combine them to travel to Ha Giang.

Falling water season: This happens around May to June and lasts until July in Ha Giang. During the water fall season, most of the terraced fields in the Northwest as well as the Northeast have a sparkling beauty.

Along with that, the farming activities of the minority ethnic people are extremely bustling. Places, where you can watch the falling water season, are Hoang Su Phi field, the field at the foot of Quan Ba twin mountains, the field below Yen Minh pine forest, and the terraced fields under Hanh Phuc road...

Hoang Su Phi rice-terrace in Ha Giang

Autumn: September to October is the autumn period in Ha Giang. Autumn in Ha Giang is also the time when rice ripens and turns golden on terraced fields after ploughing. The landscape of Ha Giang will now turn into a bright yellow colour as if embracing the Northeast mountains and forests.

Winter: In winter in Ha Giang, in addition to buckwheat flowers, you can also come here to hunt clouds. Chieu Lau Thi Peak is one of the best places for you to see floating white clouds and mist in Ha Giang!

The flower seasons in Ha Giang always bring strangely brilliant beauty. If you rent a motorbike to cross the mountain passes and find tourist attractions in Ha Giang, you will easily see with your own eyes the brilliant blooming flowers in Ha Giang. Don't forget to bring a camera and some clothes suitable for Ha Giang's land and sky to take the most wonderful photo set!

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