Guiding to explore Nguom Ngao cave in Cao Bang

Last updated - February 1, 2024
Guiding to explore Nguom Ngao cave in Cao Bang

Cao Bang is a rich natural land with mountain and forest scenery that attracts tourists. This charming land of mountains and blue waters has touched many travel-loving hearts to come here to experience and explore. One of the most charming landscapes in Cao Bang with a unique name is Nguom Ngao Cave. This place possesses stalactites with strange shapes, creating impressive beauty that attracts tourists. Let follow Ama Journey to explore the different and unique beauty of this famous cave!


1. General introduction to Nguom Ngao cave

1.1. Where is Nguom Ngao Cave?

Location: Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province
Nguom Ngao Cave is a natural masterpiece discovered in 1921. In 1996, Nguom Ngao Cave began to be exploited for tourism.

Nguom Ngao Cave has a length of up to 2,144 meters with 3 main gates: Nguom Lom, Nguom Ngao and Ban Thuon. Nguom Lom gate is hidden beside the rock at the foot of the mountain. Nguom Ngao gate is a few steps from the foot of the mountain. Ban Thuon gate is located at the back of the mountain, close to Ban Thuon of the Tay ethnic community here.

A huge space inside Nguom Ngao Cave

Compared to other landscapes in Cao Bang, Nguom Ngao Cave was discovered quite late, so up to now, this landscape has still retained its pristine beauty and is less affected.
Although it has a length of up to 2,144 meters, Nguom Ngao Cave has only been put into tourism operation for the first 1 km.

1.2. Explain the special name and legends surrounding Nguom Ngao Cave

Nguom Ngao Cave has a quite special name, named after the Tay language. In particular, Nguom means Cave, and Ngao means Tiger. Nguom Ngao Cave means Tiger Cave.

According to the words of the indigenous people here, passed down orally for many generations, in ancient times, many tigers lived in this cave. These tigers often entered residential areas to hunt the pets of local people. To deal with this problem, indigenous people set traps and caught all the tigers here. Since then, these local people have been able to live peacefully.

In addition, there is another legend about Nguom Ngao Cave. The name "tiger cave" comes from the sound of the water flowing in the cave, mixing together to create a sound like a tiger's roar. The extremely interesting words passed by each other have created the attraction of Nguom Ngao Cave.

2. How to get to Nguom Ngao Cave

To get to Nguom Ngao Cave, Cao Bang tourists can travel along the following route: Cao Bang City - Ma Phuc Pass - Khau Lien Pass - Trung Khanh Town (go 30 km further) - Ban Gioc Waterfall - Nguom Ngao Cave.

The Majestic Ban Gioc Waterfall - Not far from Nguom Ngao Cave

Nguom Ngao Cave is only about 3 km away from Ban Gioc Waterfall. Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Cao Bang's famous tourist destinations with majestic waterfalls and surrounding hills. Therefore, you can combine visiting the above two locations to have the most interesting travel experiences/ to get the best of both worlds in Cao Bang.

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3. What season is best to explore Nguom Ngao Cave?

Nguom Ngao Cave is always beautiful and has its own attractive mark. However, Ama Journey recommends that you come here in the dry season, from October to April of the following year. At this time, the weather will become more pleasant and the road will be more convenient than in the rainy season. During this period, you can listen to the pleasant sounds of small gurgling streams dispelling the quiet atmosphere.

A great ambient ray of light at Nguom Ngao cave

In addition, there is special information about Nguom Ngao Cave that we want to provide you on your upcoming journey to Cao Bang. At Nguom Ngao Cave, there is an opening leading to the sky on the ceiling of the cave. At 2:00 p.m. on April 22 every year, three rays of light meet, making the scene inside the cave become as beautiful as a paradise on earth. This is a phenomenon that only happens once a year, so you need to consider arranging a reasonable schedule for your upcoming trip to explore Nguom Ngao Cave.

4. Impressive geological system at Nguom Ngao Cave

Nguom Ngao Cave is a limestone cave that was formed about 400 million years ago. The stalactites in the cave have a quite special color, compared to other caves with calcium mixed with many impurities.

When entering the space of Nguom Ngao Cave, you will feel like entering a majestic fairy tale world with a system of stalactites of many shapes and sizes. Under the sparkling lights of the lighting system, these stalactites become even more brilliant.

Many stalactites and stalagmites in Nguom Ngao cave

In the cave, there are many stalactites with many special shapes, such as blooming lotus buds, young women combing their hair, and terraced fields. The details intertwine and connect together to create an impressive and extremely magical space.

Nguom Ngao Cave is divided into many areas. Among them, the central area has the largest space with many sparkling stalactites. The central area has 4 stone pillars built into walls that look like pillars supporting the sky.

In Nguom Ngao Cave, there is also an underground stream flowing from the Quay Son River along the length of the cave and then flowing out. Thanks to this stream, the air in the cave is always cool and pleasant. The temperature and atmosphere in the cave are also quite mild and pleasant. Winter is quite warm and summer is also quite cool.

5. Entrance fee to visit Nguom Ngao Cave

The entrace ticket to explore this natural masterpiece in Cao Bang will be 40 000 VND/pp

Nguom Ngao Cave is a masterpiece that nature bestows on the mountains and forests of Cao Bang. We hope that this will be the next destination on your upcoming trip to Cao Bang. The information that Ama Journey provides about Nguom Ngao Cave will be a suitable travel guide for people who want to explore Cao Bang.

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