The best 9 things of Nightlife in Hue

Last updated - July 25, 2023
The best 9 things of Nightlife in Hue

Embracing the time-honored traditions and cultural identities, Hue nowadays is the perfect combination of traditional features and a modern vibe. Therefore, visitors coming to this city can be quite surprised at its bustling atmosphere at night, contrasting its poetic and peaceful beauty in the daytime. Here is a list of nine activities to experience nightlife in Hue.

When foreign tourists come to Vietnam, history is an interesting factor that they might want to discover. Some cities in Vietnam have significant historical values, and Hue is one of them. Situated on the banks of the romantic Huong River, Hue is known as the former capital of Vietnam. It’s famed for a lot of splendid royal imperial tombs, palaces, and pagodas.

Nightlife in Hue – What to adore


Discover Hue Citadel at night

Hue Citadel is one of the relics belonging to the Complex of Hue Monuments. It was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1933. Until now, Hue Citadel still preserves many ancient features of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Nightlife in Hue citadel (photo Vnexpress)

This is a must-see destination in Hue, where you can admire many magnificent palaces, temples, and shrines with fabulous architecture. When visiting Thai Hoa Temple, Forbidden City, and Dien Tho Palace, Trung Dai Bridge, you will widen your door of knowledge about feudal life.

When the sun goes down, colorful lights from Ngo Mon gate create a mysterious vibe. Visitors also have a chance to witness kite flying, royal rituals, or court music performances.

Listen to Hue Folk Songs on Huong River

When night falls, the Huong River is like a mirror reflecting sparkling lights from houses and Trang Tien Bridge. What is more remarkable than immersing yourself in that marvelous scenery and enjoying classical Vietnamese music? Tourists always love sitting in a dragon boat flowing in the river and listening to Hue folk songs. This art form has been preserved by native people until now. However, nowadays, they also add modern music to their performances on the Huong River.

Hue traditional folk songs

Local singers wear Ao dai, Vietnamese traditional costumes, play instruments, and sing with their sweet voices. It's hard to have the same experience anywhere else in Vietnam. The melodies, meaningful lyrics, and a unique style of performing all help you discover more about the culture there as well as the beautiful soul of Hue people.

Drop lotus lanterns into the dreamy Huong River

Hue folk music performance is not the only exciting thing you can try on Huong River to spend nightlife in Hue. Don't forget to take part in releasing lotus lanterns. This is a unique traditional custom of the locals as every lantern represents a wish.

People believe that once you release it to the water, your wish will come true. Another purpose of this ceremony is to pray for national peace and commemorate those who passed away. Thus, honoring the spiritual values of the Vietnamese people is one mean of the deed.

Drop lotus lanterns on Huong River

Although it is a bit superstitious, you can attend this activity to pray for health, luck, and wealth. Or, it’s simply just to admire the beauty of the dreamy Huong river, with plenty of vibrant floating lotus lanterns turns the river into a stunning picture.

Relax at the Western Areas

If you think Hue is a slow-paced city at night, the Western Area will definitely change your mind. Located on Pham Ngu Lao, Chu Van An, and Vo Thi Sau streets, right in the city’s heart, this is a remarkable spot in the tranquil picture of Hue.

Western areas in Hue city

A large number of foreigners love hanging out in the Western Area and communicating with Vietnamese in English. You can see numerous stores, stalls, pubs, and hotels, primarily open from 18:00 to 2:00 from Friday to Sunday. All of them have a Western ambiance blending with the Vietnamese style.

Make sure you check out the these bars and pubs listed below to have incredible nightlife in Hue.

DMZ bar

DMZ bar in Hue nightlife

The three-floor bar lies at the intersection of Le Loi and Pham Ngu Lao streets. Opened in 1994, many people from Asia and Europe have come to this bar, drink beer, talk, and observe the beauty of nightlife in Hue.
Location: 60 Le Loi

Brown Eyes Bar

Nightlife in Hue - Brown Eyes bar

Brown Eyes Bar’s lively and delightful tunes attract a lot of young people. Moreover, this bar offers an extensive range of drinks at a reasonable price. One notable thing is visitors also receive a complimentary welcome drink and free snacks.
Location: 56 Chu Van An

Xa Ban Pub

Another pub that is well-known among locals and travelers is Xa Ban Pub. Its first and third floors are busy and bustling, while the second is peaceful. The rooftop is airy and beautiful, so you can take many awesome photos.
Location: 42 Chu Van An

Taste the Food in Hue

Those pubs and bars may remind you of Western drinks. However, food in Hue has an exceptional taste and unique cooking method that you can't find anywhere else. When night comes, street vendors sell plenty of local dishes which are so hard to resist. Night-eaters should never miss out on these three places:

Banh Mi Trang Tien

Address: Trang Tien Bridge, HueAnyone hanging out on Trang Tien Bridge always thinks of this rustic but delicious fast food. So why not come here and buy a load of banh mi for just about 10.000 VND?

Banh ep chi Hue (serving pressed cake)

Taste the local food in Hue

Address: Le Ngo Cat, Hue
They serve hot pressed cakes with topping, vegetables, eggs, and meats. A cake is surprisingly cheap at just 2.000 VND.

Bap Nuong Mo Hanh (grilled corn with scallion oil)

Address: Le Loi Street, Hue
You can buy grilled corn served with scallion oil and chili sauce for just between 6.000 and 10.000 VND. Sitting on plastic chairs, eating hot dishes, and conversing with friends sounds simple but actually gives a sense of belonging.

Sightseeing Hue in cyclos

If you just want to observe the nightlife in Hue instead of joining the above activities, sightseeing is another option.
The special thing about sightseeing in this city is that you can take a cyclo ride. Sitting in a cyclo is way more interesting than in any other means of transport.

Cyclo in Hue

Wandering around every crook and cranny of Hue, tourists can witness the daily life activities of the locals. There are endless rows of street food vendors, children are gathered playing folk games, and happy houses along the journey.

Despite the busy atmosphere of nightlife in Hue, sightseeing on cyclo gives you a sense of peace and cheers you up even when you're down in the dumps.

Wander at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street

Nightlife in Hue is never perfect without the dynamic Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street. It is located in the center of the city and near the dreamy Huong River. At night, it looks more stunning with a modern system of lights, gardens, and green trees. The pedestrian area consists of a myriad of traders and house blocks.

Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street in Hue

Wandering around and tasting delicious food sold along the sidewalks is fantastic. Besides, you have a chance to participate in various recreational activities. They are art shows, dancing performances, street paintings, sailing boats, and so on. 

Watch Ao Dai Show

Ao dai is renowned as the traditional clothing of Vietnam. However, when people mention Ao dai, the first place they may think of is Hue. Hue Ao dai Show is an impressive fashion show for those loving the graceful beauty of this costume.

Ao Dao show in Hue

This show intends to promote the brand of ao dai, display special cultural features of Vietnam and attract visitors overseas to Hue tourism. The show brings not only charming ao dai performances but also folk dances and traditional martial arts.

Address: 49A Le Loi Street, Phu Hoi, Hue
Ticket price range: 300,000 VND per adult.

Visiting Embroidery Art Museum of XQ Hue

Set on 1 Pham Hong Thai Walking Street, this is the place reviving many Vietnamese traditional embroidery art features. The museum comprises about 400 works of art, objects, sculptures, and paintings. All of them are associated with the historical stages of the painting embroidery profession.

XQ Embroidery Art Museum in Hue

Every embroidered artwork presents majestic nature, Vietnamese daily life activities, family love, and the gentle beauty of Vietnamese women. A visit to this gallery can boost the locals’ national pride and help foreigners discover a new corner of Hue's culture.

Hue is more than a tranquil and poetic city, as many people believe. At nighttime, it transforms into a hectic and crowded image. If you want to explore the beauty of nightlife in Hue, remember to add those nine activities to your trip plan.

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