Incredible places for Instagram post in Hoi An

Last updated - January 26, 2024
Incredible places for Instagram post in Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town never disappoints visitors when it has many attractive destinations as well as great cuisine. Among them, the list of 11 spots in Hoi An below are the hottest places that are always eagerly sought by young people who wish to get great photos posted on Instagram and other social networks. Let's follow Ama Journey to explore these beautiful spots to photograph!

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1. Japanese Covered Bridge

The Japanese Covered Bridge is a symbol of the beautiful and quiet Hoi An ancient town. This location also appears on the 20,000 VND polymer banknote of Vietnam. Covered Bridge is a temple located on a bridge across a small creek in the ancient town of Hoi An. It was built by Japanese merchants in the early 17th century.

The center of Hoi An Old Town - The Japanese Covered Bridge

The bridge is designed in a unique dome style, and the decorative motifs on the bridge show the harmony between Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Western architecture. The best time to explore the Japanese Covered Bridge is the fall when the lantern festival radiates shimmering lights throughout the temple.

Covered Bridge is the check-in location in Hoi An that can be said to be the most famous among all tourist destinations in Hoi An. Almost every time tourists come to Hoi An, they often come here to take photos and admire the ancient features.

2. Tam Quan gate of Ba Mu Pagoda

Ba Mu Pagoda is located right at Hoi An market and has existed for a long time. The pagoda worships Ba Thien Hau Thanh Mau. It has a stunning view overlooking the Hoi An River which is very beautiful and peaceful. The place was built in 1626 and restored in 1848. Particularly,  in 1922, it was greatly restored and shaped on a monumental scale.

Beautiful gate of Ba Mu Pagoda is an ideal place for photo shooting

Along with two other relics in Hoi An, the Japanese Covered Bridge and the Chaozhou Assembly Hall, Ba Mu Pagoda has been evaluated by domestic and foreign researchers as a beautiful architectural work of Quang Nam.

3. Bay Mau coconut forest


Bay Mau coconut forest is known as the miniature western river region. With verdant coconut forests growing on both sides of the romantic river, Bay Mau coconut forest is an ideal destination for those who want to mingle with fresh nature. This is also a famous check-in location loved by many tourists because of the rustic and natural beauty of the river region.

4. Fujian Assembly Hall  

The Fujian Assembly Hall or Phuc Kien Assembly Hall is a unique architectural work of Hoi An designed in the Chinese style of that day. The Assembly Hall was built in 1697, and this place worships Thien Hau Thanh Mau and the gods protecting river and sea trips of local people and foreign traders.

The overall Fujian Assembly Hall has a wide and deep space, characterized by a unique, majestic, and magnificent architectural work through extremely sophisticated and vivid carvings.
With many sacred stories widely circulated among the people, any Hoi An people or tourists who want to pray for good things in life or want to pray for their children will come here to burn incense and ask for blessings.

The beauty of Fujian Assembly Hall in Hoi An

This place is the most crowded on holidays and full moon days. Every year, on days like the Nguyen Tieu Festival (January 15 of the lunar calendar), Via Luc Tanh (February 16 of the lunar calendar), Via Thien Hau (March 23 of the lunar calendar)... A lot of activities will take place here. The festival attracts domestic and foreign tourists to participate.

Particularly on the 2nd day of the second lunar month, Chinese people in Hoi An also hold a ceremony to worship the God of Wealth with many offerings such as gold, silver, paper money, wine, Tam Sen (including crab, boiled eggs and boiled pork)...

5. Le Nghia basketball court

A wall of characters in the Le Nghia Baseketball court

This basketball court promises to give you a beautiful photo spot in Hoi An with very interesting and alluring photos.
From the "Confucius" wall at the Le Nghia school to the purple-blue wall corner and window at the Le Nghia basketball court, they all will create masterpieces for you.

6. Roving Chillhouse

Roving Chillhouse is located a little outside Hoi An old town. This is a coffee shop located in the middle of vast green fields similar to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Roving Chillhouse has an open space design, so no matter where you sit, you can admire the fresh natural scenery with green rice fields.

The peaceful and impressive Roving Chillhouse

Roving Chillhouse is a photo spot in Hoi An that is very popular with young people. No one would not like to return to the vast rice fields and immerse themselves in an open space, right?

7. Visit some really chill cafes

The amazing view of Faifo Coffee in Hoi An

The Chef, Faifo Coffee is Hoi An cafe with quiet, ancient beauty. If you want to have marvelous photos, just go to this cafe and admire the old town while sipping a delicious cup of coffee. Then by chance, you raise the camera and you will have a "million likes" photo.

8. Alley opposite Faifo Coffee

The Japanese Covered Bridge is the most talked about place when mentioning Hoi An. However,  for many tourists, especially Hoi An people, the soul of Hoi An lies in the image of small yellow-painted alleys.
Hoi An's small alley, with its yellow paint and moss colour of time, creates a sense of nostalgia. Going to the old town, walking around the small alleys and checking in for a few photos are seemingly simple but very sweet things.

9. Sunday in Hoi An

A Chill corner at Sunday in Hoi An

Sunday in Hoi An is a handmade furniture store in Hoi An. This place is famous on social networks with the image of a pink wall with the words “Hoi An vibes only”, attracting a large number of young people to come to capture a cute photo.

10. Lantern Street

Hoi An lantern street at night time

This can be said to be a place that everyone must visit once if they have accidentally set foot in Hoi An. At night, colourful lanterns are lit, shining brightly all over the road. You can walk around the city, looking at the lanterns and enjoying the cool air of Hoi An old town at night, and don't forget to take some dazzling photos with the lanterns.

11. Duy Vinh old brick kiln

The old brick kiln is a brand new Hoi An photo spot located right near the city centre, in Duy Vinh commune, Duy Xuyen district. This place is an abandoned brick kiln, built with extremely sturdy stairs leading to the top of the kiln, and is surrounded by brilliant blue sky and white clouds, so this place is likened to the stairs to heaven. From the highest place in this old brick kiln, you can see both Hoi An ancient town and a branch of the Thu Bon River flowing through the city.

An old brick kiln with green field surrounding

The best time to visit the brick kiln to take beautiful photos is in the morning or early afternoon when the clear blue sky will cover the brick kiln, making your photos more brilliant than ever.

When it comes to beautiful photography spots in Hoi An, there are countless of them. Hoi An knows how to please its tourists by constantly creating attractive and unique destinations. However, these 11 Hoi An photo spots mentioned above are the places most frequented by tourists. Remember to take notes!

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