The list of modern-style Halong Bay cruises

Last updated - May 31, 2024
The list of modern-style Halong Bay cruises

Halong Bay offers a wide range of cruise options, from day trips to 2- and 3-day excursions. Each cruise boasts its own unique style and design. Traditionally, Halong Bay cruises were small-capacity, wooden junks.

Today, however, many cruises have evolved into larger vessels with modern designs, including luxurious yacht-style cruises that provide top-notch services for tourists.

In this article, Ama Journey introduces some of the finest modern-style yacht cruises available in Halong Bay.


1. Sea stars cruise


The cruise is a true masterpiece, meticulously crafted to envelop you in unmatched comfort, endless entertainment, and profound tranquility. From the moment you step aboard, you will be treated like royalty, experiencing the highest level of luxury and service as if you were the true monarch of this floating paradise.

Number of Cabins: 39
Spots on the schedule: Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island, Tung Sau Pearl Farm, Trinh Nu Cave
Price from 315 USD

2. Elite of The Seas cruise


Elite of the Seas is designed with a contemporary, luxurious, and quintessential style. Building on the esteemed legacy of her sister ship, Stellar of the Seas, she stands out uniquely in Ha Long - Lan Ha Bay.
Featuring meticulously crafted itineraries, an abundant and delectable menu, professional service, and a well-trained staff, Elite of the Seas promises to deliver an unforgettable experience to its guests.

Number of Cabins: 35
Spots on the schedule: Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Dark and Bright cave
Price from 255 USD

3. Scarlet Pearl cruise


Scarlet Pearl Cruise in Halong Bay offers a luxurious and modern cruising experience, featuring state-of-the-art amenities and elegant design. The cruise includes various activities such as kayaking, visiting caves, and exploring floating villages, ensuring a memorable adventure for all guests.

With its exceptional service and gourmet dining options, Scarlet Pearl Cruise provides an unparalleled journey through the stunning landscapes of Halong Bay.

Number of Cabins: 23
Spots on the schedule: Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Ech Lagoon, Dark and Bright cave
Price from 170 USD

4. Grand Pioneers cruise


As one of the most luxurious super cruise ship in Halong Bay, Grand Pioneers Cruise stands out with its impressive 110-meter length. The main deck spans nearly 2,000 square meters and features 55 bay-view rooms, including Owner Suites up to 150 square meters in size, and a private outdoor area of 200 square meters equipped with a hot tub, sunbathing chairs, and a helipad.

More than just a resort, Grand Pioneers Cruise is an all-encompassing super cruise ship, offering a variety of entertainment and functional spaces, including restaurants, bars & lounges, karaoke, a spa, a 3D golf course, a wine & cigar lounge, a fitness center

Number of Cabins: 55
Spots on the schedule: Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Bo Hon island,
Price from 200 USD

5. Stellar of The Seas cruise


Stellar of the Seas cruises redefine contemporary luxury with an exceptional blend of comfort and elegance.

Beyond offering a high-standard luxury cruise service, we deliver a unique journey with a meticulously planned itinerary, attentive service, exquisite decor, and delectable cuisine.

Every aspect is thoughtfully designed to ensure your vacation is distinctive and unforgettable.

Number of Cabins: 22
Spots on the schedule: Halong Bay to Lan Ha Bay, Dark and Bright cave, Ao Ech area
Price from 230 USD

6. Le Theatre cruise


Experience an unparalleled journey tailored for the discerning traveler aboard our exquisite five-star cruise, 'Le Theatre'.

Embark on meticulously crafted routes spanning Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, unveiling the allure of Vietnam's northern coast through its hidden gems. Join us on this extraordinary voyage, where luxury and sophistication reach new heights.

Number of Cabins: 23
Spots on the schedule: Halong Bay to Lan Ha Bay, Ao Ech area, Tra Bau area
Price from 170 USD

7. Venus cruise


Venus Halong Cruises epitomizes Eastern grace and opulence, exuding quintessential style in every detail. Our meticulously crafted itineraries, sumptuous menus, professional service, and expertly trained staff ensure an unforgettable experience for every guest.

Number of Cabins: 29
Spots on the schedule: Halong Bay to Lan Ha Bay, Tra Bau, Dark & Bright Cave  
Price from 170 USD

8. Catherine cruise


Catherine, derived from the Greek word for pure and refined, embodies values that are truly priceless, meticulously crafted by the investor. This luxurious super yacht stands as a captivating muse amidst the natural wonders it navigates.

With its unique Indochina design, Catherine Cruise evokes a sense of perfection against the backdrop of majestic Ha Long Bay. Seamlessly blending Asian tradition with French romanticism, it offers a nostalgic yet contemporary experience that honors both cultural legacies.

Number of Cabins: 39
Spots on the schedule: Halong Bay route: Sung Sot cave, Titov island, beach, Luon cave  
Price from 220 USD

9. Capella cruise


The elegance of Capella Cruise breathes new life into the bays, inviting you to join us on a distinctive journey of rediscovery amidst the pristine scenery of this World Heritage site. Venture to the remote corners of Lan Ha Bay on a refined overnight cruise with your loved ones.
Let yourself be enveloped by the emerald green ripples of secluded beaches, the enchanting tales hidden within ancient caves adorned with stalagmites and stalactites, and the untouched beauty of forested islands.

Number of Cabins: 30
Spots on the schedule: Halong Bay to Lan Ha Bay, Frog lagoon, Dark & Bright Cave  
Price from 180 USD

Ama Journey hopes this useful list of Halong Bay cruise will help you to select the best cruise for your holiday in Vietnam.

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