Top 4 incredible caves in Cat Ba island

Last updated - May 6, 2024
Top 4 incredible caves in Cat Ba island

Cat Ba Island stands proudly as a World Biosphere Reserve, boasting the mesmerizing Cat Ba National Park and a plethora of breathtaking caves. While perhaps not as renowned as some other caves in Vietnam, these natural wonders are undeniably worth exploring during your time on Cat Ba Island


Military Hospital Cave

Situated along the route from Cat Ba Town to the entrance of Cat Ba National Park, it's effortlessly convenient to craft a seamless day excursion to explore both locales.
Hospital Cave, once a vital bastion during the Vietnam War, now stands as a testament to resilience and ingenuity on Cat Ba Island.

Inside the Military Hospital cave in Cat Ba island ( Photo VNP)

This intricately constructed, three-tiered cavern served as a clandestine hospital and a haven for soldiers until 1975. Its purpose was dual-fold: to provide medical care to the wounded and offer refuge to locals seeking shelter from aerial bombardments.

Today, Hospital Cave stands as a poignant historical landmark, offering visitors a poignant glimpse into the endurance of those who weathered adversity.

Traversing the stone steps into the cavern, visitors are greeted with a surreal tableau of fully equipped medical chambers and operational spaces. The first level reveals a series of 14 functional rooms, including operating theaters, waiting areas, and medicine stores.

Ascending to the second tier, one encounters a makeshift theater, training facility, and physical evaluation room.

Finally, on the third level, accommodations for officers and a reception area provide further insight into the cave's multifaceted role.

Trung Trang Cave

Nestled 15 kilometers from Cat Ba town, Trung Trang Cave beckons as a must-visit on Cat Ba Island. Discovered in 1938, this 300-meter-long marvel is ensconced within verdant foliage, offering a refreshing retreat for explorers.

Stalactites and stalagmites in Trung Trang cave

Originally dubbed Bat Cave (Hang Doi) for its bat inhabitants, it served as a crucial naval command post during the anti-American war, earning the nickname "Navy Cave" (Hang Hai Quan). Today, remnants of this era, including meeting rooms, still linger.

At the entrance, a mermaid statue welcomes visitors to an enchanting journey. Inside, ancient stalagmites, some 6 million years old, adorn the walls, emitting melodic echoes when tapped. The cave's interior showcases nature's artistry, with formations resembling eagles, crocodiles, and trophies. Its highest dome gleams with stalactites, reminiscent of a treasure trove in the sunlight.

Hoa Cuong Cave

Situated 20 km from Cat Ba's town center, nestled within a colossal mountain, Hoa Cuong Cave is a favored destination among tourists when stay in Cat Ba island.

At the gate of Hoa Cuong cave

Measuring 100 meters in length and standing 20 meters tall, the cave boasts a serene internal lake.

The locals christened it "Diamond Cave" (Động Hoa Cương) for its glittering stalactites and stalagmites, which shimmer like precious diamond when illuminated.

Phu Long Cave ( Thien Long cave)

Phu Long Cave, also known as Thien Long Cave was discovered in the 2000 by locals. This is a mesmerizing natural attraction nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Cat Ba Island.

Located in Phu Long which is the furthest from Cat Ba town. To reach this cave, we have to use boat trip from Cai Vieng pier then a 10 minute walking to the cave.

This cavernous wonder boasts an intricate network of passageways adorned with stunning limestone formations, creating a breathtaking spectacle for visitors. Cat Ba Island boasts an abundance of breathtaking caves and natural wonders, making it a haven for adventure seekers.

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The location of 4 caves in Cat Ba island

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