The ultimate guide to Mui Ne nightlife

Last updated - August 3, 2023
The ultimate guide to Mui Ne nightlife

In the daytime, Mui Ne is always peaceful and quiet. But when the sun starts going down, Mui Ne is ‘wearing’ a different outfit. So let’s discover with us the top six activities you should do to enjoy Mui Ne nightlife.

Mui Ne, a coastal fishing town of Vietnam, is called ‘the resort capital of Vietnam.’ Do you know why? That is because, in Mui Ne, there are many world-class resorts. In addition, this town attracts visitors due to its dreamy coastlines, dunes like the Sahara desert, and Cham culture with unique architecture.

The ultimate guide to Mui Ne nightlife


Chill at a bar or club

For nightlife lovers, surely bars or clubs are not strange if not to say are very familiar. It is not hard to find a bar or a club in Mui Ne. But let’s go through our introduction to see which one suits you best, so you can enjoy Mui Ne nightlife to its fullest.

Chameleon Beach Bar

Chameleon Beach Bar is acknowledged as a ‘little Hawaii.’ It is surrounded by a row of tall coconut trees, white sand, and golden sun. Sitting on a hammock chair, keep your eyes on the front; you can easily admire the poetic scenery of the deep blue sea, enjoy the romantic sunset and the cool air blowing.

Chameleon Beach bar

A plus point of this bar is the price is reasonable. Each drink is from 70,000 VND - 150,000, and the Thai food dish is around 100,000 VND. Only one minor drawback is because of its location and beautiful decorations; sometimes, there are no seats left.

●    Location: 138 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
●    Opening hours: 8 am - 11 pm

Dragon Beach Bar

Dragon Beach is another bar where you can go to enjoy Mui Ne nightlife. Opened in 2012, Dragon Beach Bar has gained popularity among locals and international tourists for many reasons.

First, they have a large swimming pool, which conforms to several vibrant pool parties. Second, Dragon Beach has many great deals. For example, during happy hours, 8 pm - 10 pm, they offer to buy two get one free of any drinks.

Dragon Beach bar

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, every girl gets a free drink. Last but not least, it has a vast dance floor looking directly to the ocean, with a variety of music, including electronic, pop, etc., played by talented DJs.

●    Location: 120/1 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
●    Opening hours: 5 pm - 2 am

Mad Monkey Backpacker Bar

Combined as a hostel for backpackers, Mad Monkey bar became famous for backpackers and inhabitants of Phan Thiet. This place is considered as the craziest, wildest bar in Mui Ne. It was voted as a travelers’ choice where you will have a great time here.

Bad Monkey Backpacker bar

Apart from immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of live music and delicious refreshments. Other activities you can participate in here are playing billiards, ping pong, or swimming. Moreover, every night, they have a quiz time, when people can get to know each other and learn more about Vietnamese culture.

●    Location: 69 Nguyen Dinh Chieu
●    Opening hours: 8 am - 4 am

Relax at a coffee shop

When the sun starts to go down, if you don't want to do anything too strenuous, let yourself relax by sipping a hot cup of coffee and see the city at night. There are numerous outstanding coffee shops at Mui Ne; below are some of them.

Joe’s Cafe

Joe’s Cafe is one of the most-visited coffee shops in Mui Ne. At Joe’s, besides drinking premium coffee, visitors can also savor a premium dinner. They can keep the fun with a wide selection of activities, including swimming, playing billiards, and especially listening to live acoustic music. Nothing is better than listening to a sweet voice after a long tiring day, isn’t it?

Joe's Cafe in Mui Ne

The price at Joe’s Cafe is relatively high. But with a beautiful space of a resort, every penny is worth it. From here, customers can see majestic views overlooking the vast sky and sea, aurally the crashing waves, it is considered understandable.

Location: 86 Nguyen Dinh Chieu

Huong Bien coffee

Exactly to its name, Huong Bien coffee is located near the beach. While you are drinking coffee, you can hear the sound of the waves and see the majestic scenery of the immense sea. Indeed, all worries and fatigue will disappear.

Cafe Huong Bien is really romantic and quiet place for relaxation

Huong Bien is designed following the “garden coffee” style. It has well-designed bungalows, green lawns, and coconut trees along the way. Therefore, the atmosphere here is extremely relaxed and quiet, totally different from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Location: 70 Huynh Thuc Khang

Cargo Remote Mui Ne

When coming to Cargo Remote Mui Ne, the first impression is the green space with many trees and lovely outdoor areas. This place has simple and modern designs, not fussy but thoughtful. At night, Cargo Remote is sparkled with hundreds of LED lights. The atmosphere becomes more romantic and poetic, which is entirely suitable for dating couples.

Cargo Remote Cafe in Mui Ne

Besides tasty drinks, Cargo Remote also offers a large assortment of mouth-watering fusion cuisine. It also accommodates services with tiny but well-decorated bungalows.

Location: 201/88 Nguyen Dinh Chieu

Take a food tour

The local delicacy is something visitors must try when visiting a new place, so we will give you some recommendations about Mui Ne’s cuisine.

Mai fish salad

Going to any coastal island, eating seafood is compulsory. Besides enjoying steamed or grilled seafood, you should try Mai Fish salad. “Mai” is the name of a type of fish, which has a sparkling fin. Mai will not be cooked to make this salad; just put it into ice before displaying it into the dish with vegetables.

Mai raw fish salad

Do not worry if you think you will feel the fishy taste of fish, as the lemon juice, peppers, garlic, and fish sauce will overpower the smell.

Cactus cake

One of the most famous street foods in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet is Cactus Cake - which has been around for such a long time. Although other cities in Vietnam also have this kind of specialty, Cactus Cake in Mui Ne has a distinctive flavor that can't be found anywhere else. This cake is made from shrimp and pork, mixed with several spices, then served with sweet and spicy fish sauce.

Cactus Cake in Mui Ne

Cactus Cake belongs to the streets so that you can find this cake everywhere in the city. even in the small alley, you can find the cake either from carrying peddlers or luxury restaurants.

Grilled squid teeth

Are you asking yourself, how can squids have teeth, is that right? The dish’s name is so strange, but grilled squid teeth have attracted many people thanks to its uniqueness. Actually, “Grilled Squid Teeth” is the local name of a type of squid. Squids will be skewered, then grilled until the outside is golden brown.

Grilled Squid teeth - a specialty in Mui Ne

Grilled Squid teeth are preferred with chili sauce as the intense flavor of chili sauce blends with crispy squid will definitely surprise you.

Experience squid fishing at Mui Ne fishing village

The squid fishing tour is suitable with a group of friends or family, as besides having fun, pretending to be a fisherman, that is time for bonding. To experience this activity, you will need to go to Mui Ne fishing village, located about 9km from West Street - Nguyen Dinh Chieu embankment road.

If you are thinking about safety, do not worry. Before the tour starts, the fishermen and tour guide will introduce you all the rescue methods. And you will be fully equipped with a life jacket. Undoubtedly, this unique experience will leave a deep impression on you about Mui Ne nightlife.

Watch fishermen show

Another exciting way to make your Mui Ne nightlife more entertaining is watching fishermen’s show. Fishermen show - the legend of the fishing village is a show performing about the interference of two cultures. It’s the Kinh and Cham ethnic groups.

Fishermen Show in Mui Ne

The script is inspired by the fishing village in 1762, with the mythical story of Ong fish and the god named Shiva. The show is faithfully and wonderfully a recreation. It includes water music, moving boat, giant fish, etc., perfectly combined with sound and light. Such a glorious show!

Fishermen shows are only performed on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 pm. So if you want to watch this incredible art space, you can pre-order your ticket online to avoid running out of tickets.

Location: Fisherman Show Theatre, 360 Nguyen Thong

Mui Ne nightlife is not dull as some people might think. Hopefully, you have got some ideas about what you should do, where you should go at night in Mui Ne. So, pack your luggage and start your journey now!

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