Vietnam Evisa - Things must know

Last updated - January 26, 2024
Vietnam Evisa - Things must know

The Vietnam eVisa, a straightforward online application process, offers a convenient way to obtain a valid visa for Vietnam.

The entire transaction, from payment to eVisa delivery, occurs seamlessly online, typically within 3 - 5  working days (Vietnam Time zone = GMT+7), excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays in Vietnam.


How many countries could do Vietnam Evisa?

Vietnam eVisa is now open to citizens from all countries and territories

How many countries are Vietnam Visaexemptions?
From November 2023, individuals holding regular passports from 26 countries no longer require a visa for entry into Vietnam. The complete list of countries and the corresponding visa-free durations is provided below:

Chile, Panama: 90 days
Cambodia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand: 30 days
Brunei, Myanmar, Belarus: 14 days
Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, UK: 45 days
Kazakhstan: 30 days

Vietnam Evisa for 1 month or 3 months?

Vietnam evisa is available for 3 months ( 90 days) for Single entry or Multiple entry
For Single entry, the evisa fee is 25 USD
The Multiple entry, the evisa fee is 50 USD

It's essential to note that this fee is non-refundable in the event of application refusal or if inaccuracies exist in your visa letter due to information provided by you in the application form.

Official Website of government to do Vietnam Evisa

The official website for Vietnam eVisa is the National Web Portal on Immigration of Vietnam.

While there are many commercial websites offering eVisa services, They still have to use this official website to submit the evisa application.

How many days should you apply Evisa before the trip?

Typically, it takes 3-5 working days to obtain the e-visa letter. However, the processing time might be influenced by a high volume of applicants or public holidays. Therefore, it is advisable to apply for this visa as soon as possible once after you plan your holiday to Vietnam.

Vietnam Evisa - things to know to avoid the issues

Up load Photos:
The uploaded passport or portrait photo must be clear, good quality, not blur
The portrait photo is without glasses, in white ground.
Should use a professional photographer for your portrait photo.

Portrait photography requirement for vietnam e-visa

  •     Vietnam e-visa recent photo is no more than 6 months
  •     Size of photo: 40 mm x 60 mm.
  •     Photo background must be white.
  •     Photos must capture a person directly, without a hat and obscured eyes.
  •     High quality photos are the basis for photos to be displayed in the best conditions
  •     Photos must clearly show facial details from the chin to the top of the head as well as the entire face. Face height must be 70 – 80% photo, equivalent to size 32 – 36 mm from chin to tip, excluding hair part.
  •     All parts of the picture must be sharp, sufficiently contrasting and clear.
  •     The face must be well-illuminated to prevent light reflections or shadows or red eyes.
  •     On the photo only shows the person need capturing (no other people and objects). Do not let the shadow appear on the background.
  •     The image color must be neutral and the skin color must be displayed naturally.
  •     Photos are not allowed to have folds or smudges.
  •     You are not allowed to tilt or turn your head.
  •     You need to have a neutral expression, mouth closed and looking straight into the camera.
  •     Eyes must be open, free of hair or glasses.
  •     Basically, you are not allowed to wear hats and scarves. The exception applies to cases for religious reasons

Insurance: No need to fill in.

Entry checkpoint:
For airport: It is not important, however, it should be correct.
For Border entry checkpoint: MUST be correct.

Arrival date: It should be the same date of later dates than the evisa valid. NOT  before the validity of evisa.
Exit date: It should be the same date of before the last date in the evisa validity.
Intended temporary residential address in Viet Nam: It is the hotel address that you stay in the first night. However, it is not required exactly. As some do not have hotel before applying evisa or change the hotel after applying evisa.

Fill the full name:
Use the ICAO name in the passport. ( in the footer of the passport page). Many clients have special characters in the names or in their own language or too long, so use the ICAO name for the exact information.

Fill in Passport number: MUST full characters and digits. Many nationalities that have passport numbers contain both characters and digits.
Do we need to fill in our ID card number?: No, it is not compulsory.

Could we edit evisa once it is issued: NO.
If you find the information in the issued evisa is wrong, you have to apply for the new one.
You can edit evisa only before it is issued.

Apply evisa when you are in Vietnam? : NO
The evisa is issued only when you are outside of Vietnam.

Do not apply evisa that too close to your travel date.
The evisa is issued after 3-5 day working days. However, For many unknown reasons, the procedure is longer. so do not wait till so close to your travel date.
This is for in case, if any wrong information, you will have time to edit or apply a new one.

In a group, tourists apply evisa in the same date, but some received, some not. Please wait for a couple of days.
Or use Visa support for help to get evisa soon
( evisa support is a form that you fill in information and submit, there will be no reply)

Should we print evisa?: Yes, please print it and bring it with you and show it up once you are boarding and do immigration check in procedure.

Evisa for kids: They must have separated evisa. Could not combine in the evisa with parents.

Found trouble in the last minute before flying: Contact with Travel Agents for help. Many prestigious travel agents could solve the trouble urgently or contact Ama Journey for support and do Visa with the lowest rate.

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Do I put my name as on passport. Eg my surname is Clark First name Leonie. At the end of the visa it says my name around the other way . Help please
ReplyJun 9, 2024
  • Hi Leonie, It does not matter as long as your name in Evisa shows full as in your ICAO line.
    Jun 9, 2024
Please let the applicants know that they have to fill the adress of the staying in Vietnam as follows: Hotel name, street number,name of street, sub district, district, City, Postal code, Country. Thank you
ReplyJan 25, 2024
  • Thank you for your comment. As we mentioned in the article :" It is the hotel address that you stay in the first night. However, it is not required exactly. As some do not have hotel before applying evisa or change the hotel after applying evisa". You could check the hotel's website and copy the address shown there to this form.
    Jan 27, 2024

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