What to see in Ha Giang in February

Last updated - February 7, 2024
What to see in Ha Giang in February

People often say that "not going to Ha Giang is losing your youth". Indeed, this place possesses an attractive beauty that makes people restless. At the beginning of the year, pack your backpack, go, and never miss the trip to Ha Giang in February, which is shared in full detail below!


What is the weather like in Ha Giang in February?

When February begins, Ha Giang also transforms into spring. It is no coincidence that many people consider this to be the most beautiful time of the year. At this time, the weather in Ha Giang in February is quite pleasant. The weather is mostly rainless and the sky is clear blue, the air is fresh with gentle sunshine. That is very convenient for travelling and exploring this wild and magnificent land.

Weather in Ha Giang during spring

According to the experience of many young people going to Ha Giang, the average temperature here in February is only about 20 - 28 degrees Celsius during the day. At night the temperature drops to low, about 10 - 15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when travelling to Ha Giang in February, you should prepare warm clothes to have the best health during your discovery journey.

In addition, with relatively mild daytime temperatures and abundant sunlight, you definitely need to bring extra sunscreen to protect your skin. This is something you absolutely should not forget when preparing for a perfect trip to explore the Ha Giang plateau.

Means of transportation to Ha Giang in February


For true travel enthusiasts, a trip to Ha Giang by motorbike is definitely the perfect choice. You will be able to travel everywhere, conquer dangerous roads, and admire beautiful scenery along the way without feeling noisy or cramped. In addition, when travelling to Ha Giang in February by motorbike, you can actively travel to any attractive destination without encountering any problems. Remember to arrange your luggage immediately to make your trip fun, safe, and most cost-effective.

Shuttle bus

For many people, taking a bus is a safe choice for the trip without having to "inhale the road dust" - a great specialty of backpackers. After just a few hours of departure from Hanoi, you can arrive in Ha Giang and visit everywhere without much effort. You also can set foot here and rent a car to travel everywhere. Surely this is not a bad suggestion, right?

What are the beautiful destinations in Ha Giang?

Beautiful yellow rapeseed flower  

If asked “What is attractive about Ha Giang in February?”, we will not hesitate to "vote" a ticket for the vast, poetic fields of yellow rapeseed flowers. Rapeseed flowers will be planted from December, and January - February is the time when the flowers bloom, spreading fragrance throughout the mountains and forests of the Northeast. Yellow rapeseed flowers are fragile but have strong vitality, rising from the rocky soil of the barren highlands. Imagine being immersed in a natural space with shiny golden colours and majestic mountains, poetic clouds drifting lazily in the distance. The best things here will hold your feet back, making you reluctant to leave Ha Giang.

You will have the opportunity to see yellow rapeseed flowers when you come to Ha Giang in February in Sung La Valley - a place known as "Cinema Village". Other flower viewing spots include Gate of Heaven - Quan Ba road to Dong Van Town, behind the ancient market, Quyet Tien - Quan Ba, Tam Son Town - Quan Ba, etc. For a complete trip, don't forget to book yourself a good hotel in Ha Giang.

White plum flowers and pink peach blossoms field

Famous for its white plum and peach blossom fields, Meo Vac, Dong Van, and Yen Minh are "hot" destinations every year when February comes. It is no coincidence that this place is visited by so many Ama Journey tourists because of the fields of plum blossoms and peach blossoms with lovely pink and white colours covering the entire sky. If you want to see wild peach and plum blossoms in February in Ha Giang, don't forget to visit: Pho Bang, Lung Tao, Lung Cu, and Sung La (Dong Van) villages... With poetic colours and small houses in the distance, the charming scenery here will make your heart flutter immediately.

White plum in Ha Giang during Spring

Quan Ba Twin Mountains - full beauty of Ha Giang in February

To be able to admire the majestic panorama of Ha Giang, you must definitely go to Quan Ba Twin Mountains. Quan Ba Twin Mountains has long been famous for its interesting legends and incredible beauty. The vast space, immense life, and peace of Quan Ba make you love Ha Giang even more.

Hanh Phuc Road - a beautiful road overlooking majestic passes

We personally think that the experience of riding a motorbike through the Happiness Road is very interesting and wonderful. There is nothing more ideal than you and your companion admiring the soaring and majestic passes like Heaven's Gate, Bac Sum, Can Ty, or Mau Due. In addition, there are countless cliffs, and flower fields under the Lung Cu flagpole as well as many captivating beautiful scenes.

Happiness road in Ha Giang in Spring from Bac Sum pass

In addition, Ha Giang in February also has attractive places to visit such as Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van Ancient Town located in the heart of the rocky plateau, and Lung Cam Cultural Village...

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What delicious dishes are there in Ha Giang in February?

You don't know what to eat in Ha Giang in February? No need to worry because there are countless attractive and diverse specialties here. Among them, it is impossible to ignore special dishes such as:
•    Thang Co - extremely special mountain specialties
•    Au Tau porridge - super delicious, super fragrant
•    Five-colour sticky rice - both delicious and eye-catching
•    Bac Me bamboo-tube rice - eaten with grilled stream fish
•    Buckwheat cake - a typical dish of Ha Giang
•    Dried meat and sausages hung up in the kitchen - true highland style
•    Corn wine - get drunk and forget the way home

In addition, we will also reveal a few delicious restaurants for you to try when coming to Ha Giang such as Bong Lai Restaurant, Minh Hieu Restaurant, Phuong Dong Hotel Restaurant...

After sharing about experiences travelling to Ha Giang in February and giving you information about the weather in Ha Giang in February as well as answering the question, “What is beautiful about Ha Giang?” Are you ready for an upcoming meaningful trip? Let's start the journey with Ama Journey to explore Ha Giang with interesting things in the most beautiful season of the year.

Photo by: Pham Hoang Cuong

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