Top 7 Ha Giang homestays with gorgeous views

Last updated - November 27, 2023
Top 7 Ha Giang homestays with gorgeous views

Ha Giang - Vietnam is one of the country's most famous tourist destinations, always attracting a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to Ha Giang means coming to trekking passes, coming to adventures, and exploring mysterious mountains and hills which are always hidden in the mist. Choosing a homestay with a beautiful view in Ha Giang is something you should prepare for an exciting trip.

Let's explore the top 7 homestays in Ha Giang with beautiful views that Ama Journey will introduce to you below.


1. Du Gia Homestay

Homestay quality: 4.6/5 (Rated by Google)
Address: 195B Du Gia, Yen Minh District, Ha Giang Province
Price: About 200,000 - 400,000 VND/night/room
Phone number: 0838720252

Facebook: Du Gia Homestay (

A view from Du Gia Homestay in Ha Giang

Du Gia Homestay is one of the places worth choosing to rest during your trip to Ha Giang. It is located at 195B Du Gia commune, about 28 km from Yen Minh district centre. Visitors follow DT176 in the south to reach this beautiful, dreamy homestay. This place is a blend of majestic nature and friendly people.

The services and amenities are complete, and the site is clean and cosy. You will have airy accommodation, a restaurant with highly rated food and strong ethnic flavour. There are motorbikes for rent and free Wi-Fi for guests to use.

Coming here to stay, visitors can rest in cool wooden-floored houses. Guests have many options, such as sleeping in dorm rooms or private rooms, depending on their needs. Room prices are also quite reasonable, at only around 350,000 VND. You will sleep in a clean space, like experiencing real life with the locals.

The road to Du Gia Homestay is also very poetic and beautiful. Because of its convenient location in the village, the homestay is very popular with many tourists. In addition, the staff are very friendly and enthusiastic. In the morning, this place is ideal for you to see the wonderful scenery of mountains and rice fields.

2. Homie homestay

Homestay quality: 4.1/5 (Rated by Google)
Address: Lo Lo Chai, Lung Cu, Dong Van town, Ha Giang province
Price: About 230,000 - 700,000 VND/night/room
Phone number: 0868480806

Facebook: Homie homestay (

A rustic beauty of Homie homestay in Ha Giang

Located in Lo Lo Chai, Lung Cu, the homestay is like a fairy tale village of Ha Giang. The homestay is not only beautiful and poetic, but the people are also very friendly and sincere. With ancient architecture and motifs imbued with Ha Giang, this place has many cool Instagrammable corners for travellers.

The morning is very peaceful and poetic. While drinking tea and looking at the Lung Cu flagpole, the feeling of relaxation and joy is indescribable. The rooms are clean and have both single and dorm rooms, depending on the number of guests. The staff is also very friendly and supportive.

3. Dao Lodge & Homestay

Homestay quality: 3.9/5 (Rated by Google)
Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province
Price: About 250,000 - 700,000 VND/night/room
Phone number: 0943468488

Facebook: Dao Lodge (

Dao Lodge homestay in Ha Giang

The architecture is bold in Ha Giang, but still looks new and fully equipped for guests. The homestay is in a pretty nice location, in a valley, so the weather is somewhat more stable and comfortable. The house makes a strong impression because of its curved roof that resembles a swallow's wing. This special feature makes Dao Lodge attract visitors right from their first sight. This is also a place to take photos with the yellow colour, making it extremely eye-catching.

4. Maison Tea house Bungalow

Homestay quality: 4.2/5 (Rated by Google)
Address: 441 Street 20/8, Group 9, Phuong Do Commune, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang Province
Price: About 150,000 - 350,000 VND/night/room
Phone number: 0912149889

Facebook: Maison Teahouse Bungalow (

A chill corner at Maison Teahouse homestay in Ha Giang

Unlike previous homestays for those who want to experience living in a traditional house, Maison Teahouse Bungalow is suitable for those who want to relax and spend time with their family. This homestay has many amenities that you wouldn't expect.

It has a very nice location, about 3km from the city centre. The campus has an area of 3000 square metres and many amenities, such as enjoying tea, meditation, reading books, spa, etc. There is a factory producing ancient Shan Tuyet tea from Tay Con Linh mountain, a speciality for more than 20 years. There are wooden stilt houses suitable for groups of up to 40 people to sleep. The staff and food are wonderful.

5. Auberge de Meovac

Homestay quality: 4/5 (Rated by TripAdvisor)
Address: Chung Pa A Hamlet, Meo Vac Town, Ha Giang Province
Price: About 325,000 - 1,500,000 VND/night/room
Phone number: 0335728959

Facebook: Auberge de Meo Vac - Chúng Pủa - Mountain Lodge (

Auberge De Meovac Mountain Lodge in Ha Giang

This is a famous homestay with traditional architecture of the Mong people, but the amenities are like a luxury hotel in Ha Giang. The interior layout and motifs are very delicate with Sa Moc wood, and beautifully carved. It is considered one of the places with a primitive way of living, closest to the life of indigenous people. So, this will be a great choice for those who want to truly experience the beautiful lifestyle of the people here.

6. Dong Van Cliffside House

Homestay quality: 4.5/5 (Rated by Google)
Address: Group 5, Dong Van District, Ha Giang province
Price: About 500.000-1.500.000 VND/night/room
Phone number: 0968890690

Facebook: Dong Van Cliffside House (

Dong Van Cliffside house homestay in Ha Giang

Cliffside House is located right in the centre of Dong Van Ancient Town, and the homestay is highly appreciated by many tourists for the quality of service and space. The highlight of Dong Van Cliffside House is its unique and extremely sophisticated design style, not inclined towards tradition or modernity, but the harmony of all, creating a special design only available at Cliffside House. With meticulous and skilful carvings, many visitors cannot help feeling surprised.

This place has many different room types, providing an ideal and perfect space for all visitors. There is a fairly large number of diverse rooms providing full amenities. Each room has a private bathroom, and the inside of the room is designed with delicate brocade and smooth patterned lines.

In addition, many seats are arranged on the premises for visitors to comfortably enjoy afternoon tea, breathe fresh air and admire the beautiful mountain and forest landscape.

7. Old houses homestay 1925

Homestay quality: 4.2/5 (Rated by Google)
Address: No. 10, Dong Van Ancient Town, Dong Van district, Ha Giang Province
Price: About 150,000 - 400,000 VND/night/room
Phone number: 0388120866

Facebook: Old houses homestay (

A rustic and tradional Old House Homestay 1925 in Ha Giang

Old House Homestay 1925 is known as one of the ideal stops for tourists coming to Ha Giang. Built in 1925, the house is designed according to Mong's ethnic architecture. The homestay is designed in a dome style, with large windows filled with sunlight and the walls are all made of dark red bricks.

This homestay has spacious, airy rooms with basic amenities, such as beds, mattresses, wardrobes, desks and private bathrooms. There are many different room types, such as single beds, double beds and families, depending on the needs of each tourist. You will have an extremely interesting experience at Old House Homestay 1925. In addition to the above amenities, the homestay also provides catering services with many local dishes.

Above is Ama Journey's introduction to the top 7 Ha Giang homestays with gorgeous views that cannot be missed. Hope you will have a wonderful trip in Ha Giang and choose a suitable place to rest.

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