Top 10 traditional-style Halong Bay cruises

Last updated - June 18, 2024
Top 10 traditional-style Halong Bay cruises

Staying in a traditional-style cruise in Halong Bay offers a unique and enchanting experience. The cruise, adorned with intricate decorations and sails, blend seamlessly with the stunning limestone karsts and emerald waters.

Guests can enjoy a range of activities, from exploring hidden caves and kayaking to visiting floating villages and pearl farms.

The cruises also offer exquisite Vietnamese cuisine, often featuring fresh seafood, served on deck under the stars. As the sun sets, the tranquil bay provides a perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening, making it a memorable retreat.

Ama Journey would like to list top 10 traditional style cruises in Halong Bay.


1. Peony cruise


All cabins featuring private balconies across two Peony cruises, guests are bound to enjoy spectacular views of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and the emerald ocean.
Deeply immerse yourself in the charm of traditional music while enjoying dinner at the restaurant, or find a spot on the sundeck with a cocktail to savor the sweetness of peace in the evening.

This experience seems to be the best way to reward yourself with an exquisite journey. Every moment aboard promises to be flawless and unforgettable.

Number of cabins: 20 on 2 cruises
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay to Bai Tu Long Bay, Tra Bau area, Gia Luan, Trung Trang cave, Cat Ba island.
Price from 145 USD

2. Orchid Classic cruise


Orchid Classic, the luxury cruise exploring both Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, captivates with its timeless Indochine architecture and elegant all-wooden interiors.

Including spacious suites, each with a private balcony and bath offering stunning gulf views, the cruise also features an outdoor jacuzzi on the sundeck. Orchid Classic ensures a superior level of service, providing guests with an unparalleled experience.

Discovering the enigmatic beauty of these bays aboard the Orchid Classic promises an unforgettable journey of elegance and comfort.

Number of cabins: 14
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay to Lan Ha Bay, Dark and Bright cave, Ba Trai Dao beach, Hoa Cuong cave, Cat Ba island
Price from 165 USD

3. Hera cruise


Hera Cruises offers the pinnacle of elite travel with two- and three-day boat trips, featuring world-class amenities and locally inspired handcrafted wooden design.

Enjoy mesmerizing views of Halong Bay from our second deck and indulge in the exclusive Concierge Level, complete with personal butler and chef services. Savor gourmet meals crafted from organic, locally sourced ingredients, tailored to your preferences.
We invite you to discover the finest boutique luxury cruise experience in Halong Bay.

Number of cabins: 14
Spots on cruise route: Tung Sau pearl farm, Me Cung cave, Sung Sot cave, Titov beach
Price from 170 USD

4. Renea cruise


Step aboard the Renea Boutique Cruise for an unforgettable journey through Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay. Sail past majestic limestone islets in emerald waters with our experienced crew.

Enjoy the comfort and charm of our beautifully crafted wooden boats, featuring cozy staterooms. At Renea Cruises, we tailor personalized experiences for cherished memories.

Join us for a remarkable adventure through the hidden wonders of this captivating region of Vietnam.

Number of cabins: 11
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay – Bai Tu Long, Cong Do, Cap La, Thien Canh Son cave, Hon Co beach
Price from 130 USD

5. Paradise Sails cruise


Experience Halong Bay aboard Paradise Sails, a traditional wooden junk blending chic, modern style with Vietnamese charm. The warm wooden interiors offer comfort and classic appeal.

Enjoy intimate dining with tailored menus and a wide selection of drinks in the sophisticated dining room. Relax on the spacious sundeck with sun beds and lounge areas, taking in spectacular views of karst limestone formations and emerald waters.

Indulge in luxury at the world-class day spa on board. Discover luxury cruising redefined with Paradise Sails. Book your HaLong Bay Cruise today.

Number of cabins: 17
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay, Sung Sot cave, Titov island, Luon cave
Price from 135 USD

6. Indochina Sails cruise


Launched in winter 2010, Indochina Sails offers a unique blend of traditional Indochine design and modern luxury.

Its aromatic wooden construction and large sails evoke a bygone era, raised by the captain on serene days. The 23 luxury cabins are meticulously crafted, combining timeless elegance with contemporary amenities.

Experience the enchanting beauty of Halong Bay on an overnight cruise that perfectly marries classic charm with modern comfort.

Number of cabins: 23
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay, Sung Sot cave, Titov island, Luon cave
Price from 140 USD

7. Bhaya Classic cruise


Perfect for first-time visitors to Halong Bay, the Bhaya Classic offers an exceptional cruise experience.

It features visits to the impressive Surprise Cave, the bay's largest, and hidden gems like Trinh Nu Beach, which is exclusively maintained by Bhaya Cruises.
Enjoy 1 or 2-night itineraries that showcase the best of Halong Bay while avoiding the crowds.

Number of cabins: 20
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay, Trinh Nu cave area, Sung Sot cave
Price from 130 USD

8. Singature Royal cruise


Building on the success of Signature Halong Cruise and in response to high demand from our valued customers, we proudly introduce our second cruise, launched in 2014.

Featuring modern luxury cabins, including a variety of family cabins and two VIP rooms with prime locations on the third floor, our sophisticated design and spacious accommodations cater to all needs.

Additionally, the Signature Royal Cruise offers connecting rooms, perfect for families or groups of friends traveling together.

Number of cabins: 16
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay -  Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng fishing village, Thien Canh Son cave.
Price from 140 USD

9. Victory cruise


Welcome aboard Victory Cruise, where you'll experience an enchanting voyage on traditional Vietnamese boats, meticulously designed to harmonize comfort and authenticity.

Discover cabins spread across four decks, each offering a distinctive perspective of the boundless ocean. Through their windows, you'll witness breathtaking views that frame your journey.

Step inside our spacious cabins, ranging from 16m² to 18m², and immerse yourself in their wooden interiors, creating an intimate and serene ambiance, perfect for unwinding and embracing the adventure ahead.

Number of cabins: 21
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay route: Sung Sot cave, Titov beach, Luon cave
Price from 150 USD

10. Oriental Sails cruise


Embark on a memorable journey through Ha Long Bay with Oriental Sails, promising an unforgettable experience.

Our cruises boast spacious cabins meticulously designed for your comfort, ranging from 14.5m² each. Enjoy the luxury of transparent glass windows in every cabin, allowing you to soak in the beauty of Ha Long Bay from the cool comfort of your air-conditioned room.

Oriental Sails is the ultimate choice for travelers seeking a luxurious exploration of Ha Long Bay. More than just a mere tour, cruising with Oriental Sails is a passion we're thrilled to share with you, transforming your visit to this World Heritage Site into an extraordinary journey.

Number of cabins: 18
Spots on cruise route: Halong Bay route: Sung Sot cave, Titov beach, Luon cave
Price from 120 USD

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